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Keywords are user thoughts, what they are searching in the search box that is called keywords. When you are adding a keyword on your Ad first you have to think which type of keyword match is suitable on your Ad, then after you have to do keyword research by using tools like Google keyword planner, Google Trends, Uber Suggest, Moz…etc.

Finally, select the best keyword for your content and also check the volume is high, medium or low and that keyword is deciding what is your overall content is about.

What are keyword Match types:

  1. Broad match
  2. Broad match modifier
  3. Exact match
  4. Phrase match

1. Broad Match:

When you are creating the first campaign on Google Ads your keyword is set by default to broad match.

Broad match type will give a more impression on your Google Ads campaign. Because your ads will display to all queries related to your keyword.


Broad match Keyword


If it matches one word to your title then it will show all related Ads. The disadvantage of board match types your click-through rate (CTR) is too low, this is the main drawback of broad match type.

2. Broad match modifier:

 The broad match modifier type is also the same as a broad match type, but it is a slight difference here you need to add a +sign before for every word of your keyword.

If you add before +sign to all word then Google will show the search queries.


Broad match Modifier Example


Broad match modifier is better than broad match, but here we can target a particular user like closer to your keyword.  If you use this match type also you will get some non- targeting clicks. This is the one disadvantage of Broad match modifier.

3. Phrase Match:

 The phrase match type is completely different from broad match and broad match modifier. In phrase match, you have to add “sign starting and ending of your keyword. Most of the peoples are using this match in Google AdWords.


Phrase match example


If the user adds a word in starting or ending of your keyword, then also Google will display your Ad. By using phrase match type you will get more qualified clicks.

Compare to broad match type in phase match search query results is good, but still some times your Ad will display unrelated to search queries.

4. Exact match:

By using exact match type you have to control totally over a display of your Ad. If you add this match then Google will display your Ad only who type the exact phrase of your match.

Exact Match keyword

If user Search minor chances like misspellings and singular/plural also Google will display your Ad. Because Google will not consider that minor chances. If the user types mismatch or add any word then Google will not display your ad. This is the main advantage of an exact match.

By using this type you will get more qualified clicks when compared to others. Because here you are targeting specific peoples who are looking for your services.

What are Keywords:

1. Short tail keyword:

The short tail keyword length is one or words.

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  1. Digital Marketing.
  2. SEO services.
  3. SMS services.

2. Medium Tail keyword:

The medium tail keyword length is 2 to 4 words.


  1. Best Digital Marketing Training.
  2. Digital Marketing Job.
  3. Best Digital Marketing Services.

3. Long Tail keyword:

The long tail keyword length is more than 4 words, in exactly what information users are looking.


  1. Best Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad.
  2. Digital Marketing Job Vacancies in Chennai.
  3. Best Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore.

Which keyword is better?

Short Tail Keyword:

Volume – High:

Search volume is high for short tail, when compared to the long tile, if you get to rank for the short tail definitely you will get more organic results.

Competition – High:

Competition is high for short tail keyword, when compared to the long tail, it’s very difficult to get rank on the first page in Google search engine result page.

Focus – Low:

When it comes to focus, what users are searching like digital marketing but who knows maybe they are looking for a digital marketing job, digital marketing coaching or digital marketing companies. Thus why the focus is low for short tail.

Cost – High:

The cost is also very expensive for the short tail. When you are running a campaign you have to bid more, then only Google will show your Ad in the top. Why because the search volume is too high for a short tail.

Conversion Rate – Low:

The conversion rate is too low for short tail. If you get 1000 impression and 10 clicks your conversions may be one or two maximum.

Long Tail keyword:

Volume – Low:

The long tail keyword search volume is low when compared to the short tail. If you get rank for long tail keyword also you will get fewer clicks.

Competition – low:

 The competition is low for a long tail when compared to the short tail. It’s easy to get a good rank on the first page in the search engine result page, but traffic is low if you get rank also.

Focus – High:

The focus is high for a long tail. If the user types any think in the search box, it will show the exact information from the user. That’s why the focus is high.

Cost – Low:

 Cost is very less for a  long tail keyword. When you are running a campaign, you have to bid less, why because the searching is low for the long tail that’s why Google will charge less.

Conversion – High:

 The conversion rate is high for long tail keywords compare to the short tail. If you get 1000 impressions and 100 clicks, definitely your conversions will be 5 to 6 customers.


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