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Websites and their purpose

Previously I had discussed web server and Web Hosting, I hope you have chosen the right hosting provider. Today let’s look at the Websites and their Purpose.

As I discussed earlier websites where you all know it is basically a collection of Different web pages which includes videos, Images, Content etc.

which you can remember through domain name/address.

Let say Amazon.com, flipkart.com or Microsoft.com

Where you can access these websites on your web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Every website has Specific goals and their target users.

Without knowing the target users, you can’t consider the developing the websites.

Before building the website, you need to have an answer to the specific questions, like

who’s gonna used the website?

Why he/she will access the website? What kind of solutions this website is going to provide?

Or what is something unique in this website where you will get enough visitors?

So, let’s have a look on types of websites one by one.


Different Websites and their purpose

I hope you have gone through many other contents on the search results with different results.

There is only two kind of websites and they are Static and Dynamic website.

Static Website

Basically, static Website is those websites which have single page have fixed/stagnant content usually written in HTML Code.

A static website is that website where you as a user doesn’t have access to the changes. Here every page of the website has written in code separately as like you see on the web.

Whenever you think of doing any changes, you have to do it manually and require the coding knowledge.

Some of the Examples of Static websites design

Content Representation /Advertisement Website

A website which is meant to display only the Ads where the major goal of the website is to display the content.

These kinds of websites don’t work in the current scenario.

As it is the other way when you are showing the content as an advertisement, it should be interactive.

Personal Website which is not meant for any interaction.

It Could be Personal Website display the personal information and not meant for interaction.

Dynamic Website:

Dynamic Website is those which is controlled by an application server processed by the server-side script.

The website where the audience has access to interact with the help of guest posts, email, any inquiry form, and Leave-a-reply facility.

There are many examples of Dynamic Website.

Corporate website

These are the business website where a major goal is to offer the product/service particularly work on B2B Purpose.

For Instance: Call Center Service Business Website which has a major purpose is to serve the B2B. KAP Call Center is the best example.

Personal Presentation Website

These are the website which serves a purpose for personal branding it can display the portfolio.

The best example is any freelancer website he/she may be a photographer, SEO analysts or person who Offer some kind of Services.

Let say Gaurav Madaan who is the Digital Marketing Coach Offering courses in the field of Digital Marketing.

E-Commerce Website

The website which has the main purpose of selling the products online to the customers.

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These websites can work on Demographic let say Amazon in the US displays a different kind of product on the website than Amazon India.


Amazon IndiaSharing Website

A website which serves the basic purpose of sharing the content online,

it may in terms of Photos or any other content online.

For Instance: Photo sharing Websites like Shutterstock.com, pixabay.com.

Content Sharing website like Envato Market

Educational Website

Those websites which serve the common purpose providing information related to the education it can be a website like Simplilearn, Academic Earth, Coursera, or any other College website let say Jain College

Directory Website

The Websites which listed with the details of information such name, address, and Phone numbers in ascending or thematic manner.

There are many examples of directory website like Just Dial, Yellow Pages, PolicyBazar.

Search Engine like Google, Yahoo can be considered the directories since their database so large that rather than searching in the Alphabetical Manner. User Enter the Search term in the Search Field.

Crowdfunding Websites

These are the Websites which is formed for the purpose of raising the funds in the small amount from a larger group of People.

Funding can be raised for an individual or the Entity. This type website mainly created for raising fund for a cause like Poor Childcare Education, Startup Funding or cause like Save Kerala-donate for flood relief.

There many crowdfunding Website in India like Milaap, World Vision India catapooolt which serve for some purposes either for child care education, helping the Startups or any other cause occur due to natural calamity.

Social Websites

These are the websites which serve the common purpose of connecting with people all over the world.

There are many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

These are the online Platform which is helpful in building the social relation, who shares the similar Personal Interest, Career Interests or the real connections.

News Website

These are the websites which serve the purpose of sharing the information in terms of quick happenings all over the world.

The Goal of these websites is to share the regular and quick updates related the any Industries.

Because these websites are the busiest website.

Like because content on the websites needs to update regularly in order to entice the visitors.

The content will have updated in the text form, Images, and Videos and their major challenge is to keep the visitor engaged on the website.

Blog Website

These are the website which serves the common purpose of sharing the information on world wide web on daily or weekly basis depending upon the person. The Information shared by the blogger is in text forms, Images, audio podcasts, and Videos.

It Contains the piece of information on the particular topics or it can be an opinion shared by the author to its website visitors.

This again is a very huge topic related to the blog, In the coming days, I will be discussing in the great details.

Streaming Websites

These are the websites where the multimedia files are played without downloading the full content.

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With the Help of full of speed Internet, you can access the audio or video file.

The best example is the sound cloud, Deezer, and in India Gaana, Wynk music and for the video streaming sites like youtube, Vimeo, metacafe, Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, Sonyliv, Eros now and many of them.


I hope you got an Idea about the Websites with their purpose and the kind of websites that mainly Static and Dynamic website.

However, in the coming days, I will discuss about planning, conceptualizing and building a website using the CMS particularly WordPress.

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