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web server and hosting

The web server is a computer which saves the web content of the websites on the server to its client’s request when they want to use and web hosting is posting your website on the internet, hosting purpose is to make your website to be visible for its users to access your website on World Wide Web.

To host your website, you should purchase a domain name for your website from its service providers. Then only you can host your website.

Let’s get to know more about Web servers and web hosting. Let’s start with web servers.

Web Server


Webserver’s main function is to store your data, process it and deliver to the web pages. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) plays a major role in the communication between the users who visit the website and the server.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP):

HTTP is a protocol which makes web servers and browsers to communicate with each other. It is the foundation of data communication for world wide web (www)

The main purpose of the web server is to store your website files. Let me give you a web server example if your friend has sent you a link of digital marketing article, you don’t know on which server that link’s data is saved.

No matter on which server the data is in the world, it will display the article in your desktop or smartphone.

Some of the types of web servers:

  • IIS web server
  • Lightspeed web server
  • Apache web server

IIS web server

Internet information services (ISS) is a product of Microsoft. It works on all the windows operating system (OS) platforms. It is not an open source and customization as per your requirement is a little complex.

Lightspeed web server

It is a commercial website and 4th most popular server in the world. Lightspeed web server is a boosting to your web server by improving the performance with low operating expenses.

Apache web server

It is an open source in which you can customize according to your needs and requirements. It works on multiple operating systems (OS)

Conclusion: Usually people choose their server as per their clients’ needs and requirements to handle their traffic, choose your web server as per your client’s requirements.

Web hosting


Web hosting means it is an internet hosting service hosted and stored on high configuration computers to make your website accessible on the world wide web. When your audiences/users want to access your website, they may type your domain name or website address your audience’s computers will connect to your website web server through HTTP protocol as explained above topic webservers.

HTTP will become a communicator to connect your audience’s browser and your website server which will lead to display your website on your users/audience’s desktop or smartphones, no matter from which part of the world they want to access your website.

Some of the types of hosting

  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Cloud hosting
  3. Home server
  4. Reseller web hosting
  5. Dedicated hosting
  6. Managed hosting

1. Shared web hosting

The word shared itself defines shared web hosting its same like sharing your room with your friends or other people. Your website will be on a server on that same server other many sites will be sharing the same server, RAM and the CPU.

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It is low cost because you will be sharing your website space with other sites, you may find easily a shared hosting plan for Rs. 5.60/-


No guaranteed security which is the most important aspect. There will be the threat of hackers, you will be unknown about what will happen until it’s too late, be careful if you want to go with shared hosting find a genuine service provider.

System crashes is a problem very often.

The performance issue is also a problem in shared hosting. Your server cannot provide you with great performance.

2. Cloud Hosting

It is a new technology of server, it is not the physical server and hence it is a virtual server on cloud computing the other name of cloud hosting is virtual hosting.

It is hosted on the cloud computing platform


If a server is down the data on the server can be easily transferred to any of the available servers

Cloud server affordable for both big businesses and small businesses as well

It provides enhanced administrative and maintenance through professional resources with quality of services


Security may sometimes become an issue even though they provide the best services, the problem here is you have to provide your important business data to the service provider. This may sometimes be an issue with your security

In cloud hosting still, there is a problem migration of the data from that service provider to another service provider.

3. Home server

Your personal computer can be used as a home server if it has good storage and specifications with a specific bandwidth. Home server is a created as local area network within a home which forms a local area.

Basically, it is used to access online gaming and multimedia data to other devices throughout the house and obviously, it is more expensive

4. Reseller web hosting

In Reseller hosting the owner rents hard drive space and bandwidth with the third party to host the website.

Most of the time reseller rents space to resell for the profit he will be given a certain amount of space to sell.


You can end with saving money if you resell

It will be flexible with your web hosting account


Reseller web hosting is the service to resell most the people to make the profit, it will not help if you have other products and services for your clients

If your third party doesn’t provide good upstream and server goes down frequently it will affect your profit

5. Dedicated hosting

Most of the big companies lease a full dedicated server and will not share with anyone. They use for only their business


It is more flexible than reselling hosting and you can customize the software

You will have complete freedom on the performance of the website

If you get more traffic dedicated server is worth it


It is more expensive

You should have the technical knowledge to set up a dedicated server.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read our content! I hope you got an idea about web server and web hosting. If you have any doubts drop your comments will revert back ASAP.

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There are many hosting service providers. Choose wisely which type of hosting is required for you and what type of server you require.

6. Managed Hosting

Here the service provider will have a dedicated server, where they will give a part of the server to the customer and will manage the server on behalf of the customer.

  1. Dedicated IT team– Managed hosting provider will help you as your own team member. So, no need for hiring an IT expert. You can reduce your cost.
  2. On-demand Support- If you buy a Managed Hosting from a good provider, then you will get support whenever you want. No need to be worried of being out for a vacation, your dedicated IT team will do the work.
  3. Control the technical decisions- We will have the power to control over managed hosting. The IT team won’t do whatever the like. They will just do as we give decisions. So no need to change our procedure, they will adapt to our procedure.
  4. Backup and Recovery- The managed hosting provider will take backup of your site, which will help you to restore your website at any point. So your website will be safe and secure. If something goes wrong, just restore it.
  5. Security- If your website is hosted on Managed hosting, then no need to worry about the security threats. Your dedicated IT team will take care of it.
  1. No full control- You will have control over your Hosting, but won’t get full control over them. So sometimes you won’t be happy with their work, so you have to contact customer support for assistance. Whereas if you have your own IT team, then they will take care of everything before informing.
  2. Not a big use for small websites- If you are looking for a small website where you can handle it fully, then managed hosting won’t be a too much of use; you can go for shared hosting. At least you will be able to save some money.
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