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What is Visitors Engagement?

Visitors Engagement confirms where the users would find any value in your services or products offered by you or by your Company (Organisation).

  • If you want to reach the customer or getting closer to you client can be easily achieved by User Engagement.
  • Driving User Engagement allows you to encourage your clients to share as well as interact with your brands or products offered by you.
  • With a very good user engagement website will increase your company growth and prospective.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they Realize it themselves”   
                                                                                                          –     Steve Jobs.

So now let us check out what is customers engagement in Digital Marketing.

So far we have seen what user engagement is, now let us see visitor engagement with respect to Digital Marketing.

  • Optimize it is first thing you must keep it mind.
  • Now arises the question what, which should be optimized,
  • Solution is very simple; it is your landing page or your website

Your customer engagement on websites should be optimized, if you do not optimize your website you will end up losing lot of money. Or you would have spent too much of time while creating to your content.

Only just creating loads and loads of content won’t make you encourage more engaged visitors or won’t convert your content to profit.

Reference: https://mixpanel.com/topics/what-is-user-engagement/

Engagement Metrics

First we need to have a platform like to measure the Customers engagements it can be website or an App, where the users will come and perform their activities.

Here activities can be no of clicks, no of downloads, no of shares, no of comments, no of reaches.

This says us how is the engagement response of our users.

 Where in case of engaged users who are more profitable, their activities are measured by purchases, signups for new registration subscription for emails etc.,

Engagement Importance

Why user’s engagement is important?

One of important factor of customer engagement on website is about conversions.

Whatever the content you showcasing should have a definite meaning. Main objective is about your readers must feel engaged and start subscribing your emails list. This can be achieved by getting the product and services or downloading your content.

If your users won’t engage with your content they will not buy the product or services or subscribe it.

So here every piece of your content must be converted to build profit for your organisation.

Now let us see how we can increase visitor engagements

Web-Site speed

  • A best way to keep your users away from page loading speed. For an instance if your page takes more time to load then be sure you are going to lose more users. Even you page must load fast in lower broadband speed. Since you cannot say every user has a good internet speed.
  • Secondly, we must use amp versions for your pages which will make the content to load faster in mobiles and nowadays most of websites are responsive type.
  • And another important factor is that try to maintain your site clean with unwanted content and images.
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Content flow

  • Make sure your visitors must not feel complex to go through your entire site.
  • Try to use more navigation in your website which makes the user easy accessible.
  • In your web-page use more of images rather than lump of texts where user will feel interested.
  • Try to link your old articles which makes new user to explore more about you page.

Home page

Home page is the page which says what is your company is about where it should be more attracted for visitors.

Visitors must engage your website with good images filled with color. Here website says to your visitors what is your website is about by its appearance.

Even it will be better to provide 30 seconds video what the services you offer to your customers.

Let us see what all important factors your page should have

  • Use Catchy headlines.
  • Blogs should be updated regularly.
  • Use right photos to your content.

Visitor engagement is overall co related with total profitability.

  • Visitor attention is a very important resource where if the visitor spends too much of their time on your site or an app.
  • It shows clearly that they are interested in your service. This notifies you that your business will make money from your products or services. That will be reached your customer by your ads, subscriptions or sales.
  • Your highly engaged users are more interested to buy and share the products or services with their Connections this can be a very good Online Reputation Management (ORM) for your company.

Engagement examples


  • For an instance if your content is really good as well as meaningful, then your viewers will be really interested in discussing it and sharing across the social media Channels.So they can post their comments.
  • If users have any further queries you can start solving their queries It is a good sign that you are having very good customer engagement rate.

Social media sharing

  • At the beginning we discussed about the optimizing the site here social media buttons supports it very well.
  • With the help of these social media buttons the visitors can share the content if they really like it. Which indirectly increases you engagement rate and there is a chance that we may get new subscribers or visitors to your website.


Understanding the user behavior it is a very easy task if you make it right you will achieves the correct path otherwise your entire market strategy will be spoiled.

We must post unique content where such content really be appreciated by viewers.

In future I will be discussing about Targeted Traffic with classified as Inbound and out bound traffic along with examples.

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