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The Beginner's Guide to content marketing

The Beginner’s guide to content marketing, I’m writing the article with the content marketing history and objectives you all know today we are surrounded by technologies and advancement.

Just look at your inbox, Facebook Messages, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Instagram or any of that like you will hear something from a company, it is like you hear something from your mom.

There is too much content to look around.

Content marketing is a challenging but very effective process for creating awareness,

it is not like just shouting about the products or service to the customer.

It is like people might think there someone out there who is creating cool stuff for their customers.

As the Seth Godin, the famous author and marketer said that you need to play a different game your game is slow steady, the strategy here is to reach the right audience and develop the trust among them instead just getting lakhs of subscribers without understanding the audience.

Today Content marketing is the way that business is going forward because it is going to differentiate your brand in a very large market place.

With the Advent of the Internet, because now the companies and audience can find each other, brands come to realize that we don’t have to go to any third party instead they can reach their audience directly.

Content marketing is something like communicating with the potential customer in order to drive the behavior has been around forever, for millions of years, since the caveman tries to sell the rock to another caveman, eventually, he is creating a rock brochure.

Content marketing is identifying a compelling piece of information that is interesting and helpful to the audience.

History of Content MarketingHistory of Content Marketing

On 1732, Benjamin Franklin issued the Poor Richard’s Almanack, the Goal here was to promote the printing business.

If you look at 1800, there has been quite a few companies that were trying to figure out, how to build a long-lasting relationship with the customers by not talking about their product and services

By the year 1888 Johnsons & Johnsons released the two publications which contain the tips for the Medical Professionals, the doctors as the target audience that used the bandages, the publication called as the modern method of antiseptic wound treatment.

In 1900, a Person named Michelin introduced the Michelin guide offering the drivers information on auto maintenance, accommodation, and other travel tips.

More than 35,000 copies distributed for free in the first edition.

By 1990 and Early 2000, the Internet is playing the major part in our lives, the rise of the internet has started led to introduce the website and blogs which flourish the content marketing opportunities.

By 2000 social networking sites introduced in our lives, which had played a major role in driving the traffic to the websites.

As Facebook, Youtube, Twitter-born online marketing content is accessible and shareable to anyone worldwide.


Objectives of Content Marketing

It is really important to have a content marketing objective to define your success.

When we started with the AK Digihub,

our objective was to provide good content segmenting people who are interested in learning digital marketing.

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In the coming days, I’m gonna discuss how you can develop your own content marketing strategy having your own objective.

So, without wasting much time let’s have a look at them.

  1. Website Traffic
  2. Creating Brand Awareness.
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Thought Leadership
  5. Lead Nurturing
  6. Acquisition
  7. Sales
  8. Engagement

So, it shows the objective of any business who want to excel in the market,

by providing not just product or services but offering value to the customers.

Every Business, it is going to be different, before just going ahead with marketing your content.

Define your objective, sit with your team, write it down, and pick one goal,

whether it is going to be for sign up, subscribers lists, revenue or Profitability.


Content marketing is one of the most effective things you can do to help your business grow at very low cost because the companies like HubSpot and Mint give more focus on content marketing.

That is the reason why they have become more successful. Companies who document a well-defined content marketing plan are five times more likely to generate the leads than others.

Hope you got an idea about content marketing, if you’ve any suggestion, please let us know in a comment below

or if you have any query, do let us know by mail.

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