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What do you understand by the term “Target traffic”?

Target traffic is the users or audiences who are interested in your product & services. In digital marketing, the main objective of all the brands is to target the right audience, in addition, to convert the Target Group (TG) into leads and sales by  using both Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies, such as

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Mobile Marketing, Television, Radio, Cold Calling, Email spam etc.,

Example: If there is a vacancy for Digital Marketing Executive Job in a Company.

The company will target the candidates who have updated their profile with digital marketing skills & experience,

they will not target for the candidates who have updated their profile with other streams of skills & experiences.

Importance of Target Traffic (TT):

1.     Reach Right Web Traffic

The most important aspect is to choose the right target group for your brand because, if you choose the right type of target audience you will get more engagement for your products & services but if your target audience who have different taste of interests then it will waste your efforts, time & money.

For Example,  Nokia was a mobile giant in the market. As the technology changed to Android other companies like Samsung, HTC, & other China handsets companies moved to android. But Nokia didn’t move to android this brought a huge loss for Nokia.

Nokia didn’t understand their targeted audience demand & supply in mobile handsets.

Choosing the right audience requires a good target audience research.

2.     Cost Effective

Once you know your target audience it will become much easier for you to make cost-effective decisions to reach the right web traffic.

3.     Trust

If you know your target audience’s expectations. You can give delightful services to your target customers & it will definitely build trust in your brand.

4.     Competitor Analysis

Knowing right audiences will help you to build effective competitor analysis.

By knowing what are the expectations of the audience in which your competitors failed to provide for the targeted audience.

For Example, Xiaomi Redmi got “World’s Greatest Brand” award in 2017 which broke many records in the sale of smartphones in India.  The most important reason behind their achievement is effective competitor analysis. Samsung handsets were good! Because the prices of the handsets are high for high specification handsets. Xiaomi offered their targeted audiences with high specification smartphones for cheap prices compared to Samsung and acquired the Indian market.

What is inbound outbound marketing?

inbound marketing

1.     Inbound Marketing (Pull Strategy)

Inbound Marketing is the communication between the brand & the targeted traffic to educate them with your content you create & share online. through internet marketing tools such as SEO, SMM, EMAIL, BLOGS, etc.,

It is used to focus on only the potential target audience (customers) who are willing to have an interest in your products & services.

Importance of Inbound Marketing

1.      Digital Marketing Strategy

Inbound Target Marketing is useful to design effective campaigns from the insights collected from the targeted traffic

2. Increases brand visibility online

Inbound marketing will increase online brand visibility and brand awareness

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3.      Generate more leads

If you are content is interesting to the inbound target traffic it will automatically generate more leads for your brand & will return higher Return on Investment (ROI)

4.      Gaining potential attention

Effective Inbound Marketing will gain genuine attention of your potential targeted traffic.


Mr. X runs a small enterprise, he only focuses on quality of the products by offering on high prices for his customers.

People who purchased his products were happy with the quality of the products.

As days passed, he was not able to get expected return on investments Mr. X  had the digital presence for his brand even though he has failed to achieve his target in sale Mr. Y his business partner came up with an idea & both of them discussed with each other & with their team. And finally came up with the solution to their problem!!

The content in digital marketing communicated with their target inbound traffic was not matching with their goals.

They did target market research & came up with a beautiful campaign. Similar to GOOGLE’s INDIA & PAKISTAN commercial this advertisement went viral without paid promotions.

This advertisement was made on focusing on the emotions & feelings of the traffic. The commercial ended with a happy ending leaving a smile on the targeted users face. In conclusion, Mr. X made a ‘J curve ‘ on his sale.


 Mr. X concentrated on the effective content in digital mediums for his inbound targeted traffic & reached his objective in sales.

2.     Outbound Marketing (Push Strategy)

outbound marketing

Outbound Marketing In other words, it is known as Traditional Marketing are the target audience who are not your potential traffic for your brand (opposite to inbound marketing). Push strategy is used to target the number of audiences who may or may not be interested in buying your products & services. Mediums which are used in outbound marketing are such as( TV Commercials, Radio Ads, Cold Calling, Newspapers, Magazine Ads, Broachers, Catalogs, Email spam etc.) These strategies can work for some brands & may not work for some brands these days.

Some of the drawbacks of outbound marketing are:

Traditional Marketing is expensive compared to inbound marketing.

Targeted users may convert into sales & may not convert into sale as soon as they see traditional ads.

It is one-way communication.

The targeted audience may not induce instantly in outbound marketing

Difficult to track ROI (Return on Investment)

Users may be on surfing the internet for their personal interests. Outbounds marketing ads interrupt in between & which will irritate users.

How Outbound Marketing is useful in Digital Marketing?

Both Inbound & outbound marketing are teammates, not competitors. For example, if you have a new product or services to offer, which does not exist in the market where people and are not aware of it.

Outbound marketing is the best way to promote for the wider users to identify them & convert them into target traffic with inbound marketing strategies and convert them into leads by using target traffic strategies.

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