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Surprising Tool to Help You with Bulk Emailing

Today I’m going to discuss the best way to send bulk email and tricks to land in inbox instead of the spam folder using a Surprising Tool to Help You with Bulk Emailing.

Previously we had discussed regarding building an email list, with the help of opt-in forms on your website can sync way of sending the emails to the subscribers.

There are many tools available to help you with Bulk Emailing, you can go ahead and choose the one which suits best for your requirement. First, you need to get the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and Email Sending tool, in order send out the email Blasts.

I have been using this  Surprising Tool to Help You with BULK EMAILING, for sending out the Bulk Emails, so without wasting much time let’s get started!

so, it is the smart serial mail, which helps you send email in a personalized manner, here you can able to create a newsletter, and send out Bulk Emails

As I said Earlier about SendGrid as my email service provider, here I’m going to show all the necessary steps of sending the Bulk Email.

4 Simple Steps to sending the Bulk Emails the Smart Serial Mail

You go ahead and download the smart serial mail software once you have done then create a profile.

Create a Profile

creating a profile

When you click on the profile you can able to see from address, display name, and reply address, before filling the details you can go ahead click on send mode where will be able to see SMTP Server.

As I’m using the SendGrid as my email service provider, I will add server details from SendGrid likewise you can fill all the necessary details like add server port, Security, username and password.

All these details you can find in with your email service provider account.

create profile 1

create profile 2

Add Contact Lists

Contact list shows your recipients detail such as first name, last name and email address which you may have collected from your website visitors or users from your social media platform, where they have agreed to receive email communication from your side.

Basically, it is for grouping your recipients, when you send an email to those recipients will receive the email when you shoot the campaign.

You can segregate them into separate lists such as customers, prospects, and leads based on the campaign.

You can go ahead and import the contacts by click on the Import/Export option on the top of the page, where you can import excel file or CSV File, it is useful when you have thousands of recipients need to be added on the list.

There are other options as well like you remove the duplicate entry, Remove Invalid Emails, as well as there is an exclude Option like suppose you have bounce list, unsubscribe list and you have in the added recipients list separately so if you’re doing a campaign.

So, you can exclude those lists in order to prevent the spam increase in the spam ratio.

Create the Email Content

When you click on the content option you can give email subject and write the content in the body section.

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The best part about Smart Serial Mail, if you have an email content written in word format you can just upload for the same which saves the time.

creating a content

Once you have added with the content now you can preview the email. You have able to see spam ratio as well.

If everything is perfect you can go ahead and click on the sending option.

Sending out an email campaign

Here you can able to schedule your campaign as well. According to your need, you can schedule on a particular date, as on the particular time, so software can send email on the scheduled date and time.

sending the email

Before shooting an email, there is the option called test connection where you test, see to that whether is everyone is perfect. When everything is perfect here you can send your first email campaign.

 Tricks to land in inbox instead of the spam folder.

If you are shooting email campaign before sending to the customer lists always try sending with internal emails

i.e. your own Id’s so that you can able to see how the email looks like in a desktop, Mobile, Tablet etc.

When you are adding the internal email list for testing purpose along with you have to check the spammyness of email content.

and to do that you can visit the mail tester here you get a one-time email like OTP where you can that one time email along with your Internal email lists.

When you are sending the bulk email always consider to have the dummy domains to send email,

because when sending emails in bulk there are chances that you may be added in the spam lists and if you are sending email from your domain there are chances you will get blacklisted and it may get effect to your brand name, so in order to prevent always consider having the dummy domain for sending out the bulk emails.

So, when you send the test email on your internal email ids you can go to the mail tester site,

click on check your score which provides the spam score for your email.

It is helpful for email to land in the inbox instead of the spam folder.


I hope I’m able to make you clear about sending the bulk email. How you can use it effectively to have great customer reach within a smaller time frame.

This Surprising Tool to Help You with Bulk Emailing, also it is useful for creating the newsletter and sending out emails in a personalized manner

In case you have not clear about the concepts kindly let me know in the comment section or else just send us an email.

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