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Market your Content when you are just Started with Blogging

Everyone says that content marketing is amazing. You may have read a whole lot of article regarding promoting your content using different social media etc.

Previously I had discussed the Developing content Marketing Strategy, where I have spoken about the creating the target audience, creating goals and objectives, getting involved in social media, establishing content ideas, promoting your content and measuring the content marketing success.

If you have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to promote your content. But if you have just started, what will you do? How do you start?

This whole question pops up in your head; Well, I’ll show you what I would have done when I started.

Well, I’ll talk today about how you can market your content if you have fewer subscribers.

Content promotion is the most important part of content marketing and is often not addressed.

By omitting to advertise for the content, you are essentially denying the benefits problem because if it is not promoted, the content will not reach the intended audience and will lose time.

In this article, I will show how exactly you can market your content when you are just starting off.

Strategies to market your content

Linking up to relevant sources


If you start with a new blog or niche, you can start with this strategy. When writing a blog, you must link to all relevant sources.

Even if it is a competitor, it is okay. If someone has awesome content that your readers can benefit from, you can link to it.

In this way, you give priority to your readers, which create trust. As you build, people will trust you more and come back to you again and again.

Well, you can use another website with a similar niche that displays relevant information, and you can associate it with your article.

Connect with Influencer in your industry


Let say, I have linked up to Sahil in one of my blog entries.  I’ll email Sahil and say

Hey Sahil, I love your work so much that I even linked you in my last article.

Please do not hesitate to check it.

PS: If you share this post, it would not only make my day but my year.

By doing this to the people will be flattered for linking up to them and if their content is amazing.

So why not create a link with them?

They can posts it on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook with their community which allows you to generate more traffic to your website.

You can use Twitter and LinkedIn and send a direct message to the selected experts. Then continue with a detailed e-mail explaining why you should invest your energy in your questions.

For Digital Marketing Industry I can connect with Neil Patel, Deepak Kanakaraju, Sorav Jain and many more.

Create a video that supports your content


Videos receive at least twice as engagement, as other content. If you make an effort and design the work to create one, the audience will love, share and make sure most of your colleagues see it too. This saves your video message.

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When I started off all I use explainer videos to create engaging content, and there are many tools out there to do so.

Personally, I use Lumen5 which helps me create video same as my content with just adding content script supported with matching media and option to add music as well.

Using of lead magnets


The major goal of a lead magnet is to maximize the number of potential customers you can collect on the page where your content is being published.

To effectively gain new customers, you need to be resourceful and provide important information about your article’s topic in return for potential customer contact information.

Here are some of the best features: Get ready to sign up for a webinar, provide additional information, and share useful and ready-to-use templates.

Use paid ads on Twitter and Facebook


Paid ads are another great feature. To advertise on Twitter, you can use the tools available to create a personalized audience. By manually selecting the users you want to guide with your advertised publication, you enable your publication to reach your potential customers.

To do this on Facebook, you can configure your advertising campaign and target your subscribers and Facebook subscribers. Ad settings and filters help users choose the right audience type.

Set up a remarketing campaign


Studies show that 30% of visitors will provide their contact information. For those who do not, marketing is the most important factor. Prepare relevant banners and landing pages for your content by inviting users to join a webinar or offer exclusive content.

You can use similar magnets that are already embedded in your content page.

Create a preview image for Facebook and Twitter


Make sure the image you use in your next content advertising campaign instantly gets your audience’s attention.

Become familiar with ad templates when advertising on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as previewing your post can improve or reduce the overall performance of your ad.


These are some strategies to Market your content when you are just started with blogging with the least number of subscribers.

Once you build up your audience you can just do it on your own using your social media handles by putting it on your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile.

This is a strategy which I follow, whenever I started off with the new blog. This is works really work for me

It is not necessary you can follow similar footsteps.  As you know the internet is an ocean of knowledge you will the hell lot of articles on this topic.

You may have your own instinct and follow it up.

Instead, you can develop your own strategies to market your content.

If you have any queries or suggestion regarding this topic please let me know in the comment section below.

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