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What is Landing page and Thank you page

As we spoke the importance of Lead generation for business. Today we are going to discuss about Landing page and thank you page in a simple way. Landing page is the page used to generate leads. And thank you page is where a user will end up while submitting a lead form.

Landing page

Landing page is also know as Lead generating page and lead capture page. This is the page where customer land after clicking on the online link to fill their personal detail. It will consist like Name, Email-Id, Mobile number etc.

Basically, website collects customer’s detail when customer land in landing page. It is to understand the requirement of customer about product and service and for lead generation from the market.

Landing page is also a page where customer get sudden pop-up to fill the Email-Id to subscribe the service.  It can also be to subscribe the website or to get the information about offer from the website.

According to Marketing experiments, “A landing page is used by only 48% of marketers while creating each marketing campaign.”

Landing page

What landing page should have?

1:-Attention grabbing headline.

One of the most important element for lead generation page is Attention grabbing headline. It is a statement on landing page to attract the audience after reading the statement. Attention grabbing headline means to the best chance of selecting the right audience and preparing them to respond. One of the good techniques you should always explore is transforming your major benefit into a headline. By this it can grab more audience from the market.


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What landing page should have 1

  1. Share your value proposition.

Value proposition is the clear statement that explain what your product is, how your product is different then other competitors in market.


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Value propositions are the most important element of your overall marketing messaging. A value proposition tells prospects why they should do business with you rather than your competitors and makes the benefits of your products or services.

screenshot value preposition

3: Use trust indicators

Business is all about the trust you have and its life blood of your business and they are the famous brand which company is already working with or the magazine where you are already listed with in your website. They are the credibility build by company website in the market. Trust indicators play vital role to increase the sales and to build the trust on customers mind about the company’s product and service.

use trust indicators screenshot 3

  1. Call to action button

Call to action is button in website that encourages customer to a certain action on website and also it is a clear direction to customer to do Enquiry, Sign-up, Subscribe, Join Us, Log-In or Review Us on the website. While developing call to action button we have to consider what we want the visitors to do, what is our primary aim and how it fits with our objective.

Call to action is not only essential for big web companies. The same can be used by for freelance websites.

What landing page should have 4

  1. Lead capture form

It is kind of landing page to capture the lead or detail filled by the customer. Lead capture page should be relevant to the website and information should be based on the product or service offered by the website. Lead capture form plays vital role to encourage the customer to fill their detail or it motivates them to take action of the page.

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We should consider these three points while creating the lead capture form.

Form Position

Your landing page length helps you to decide where to position the form. If landing page is short then form should be placed above the fold but for long term landing page we can place above and below to the fold.

Form Length

Form length should be related to the kind of business, short form collects more lead with less information. Mostly, only Name and Email-Id but long form collects less lead with more information. Because customer has to provide more information such as Name, Email-Id, Mobile Number, Business Address, Geographical Address, etc.

Link and Privacy Policy

Lead capture form should carry “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” link about their detail privacy and to build the trust on customers mind.

What landing page should have 5


  1. Facebook asks First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, New Password, DOB and Gender. Because based on these details Facebook is going to setup the account of particular person. Facebook will identify the unique detail and then Facebook will setup the account.
  2. XYZ Ltd provides free analytics study material to their website visitors and they are asking visitors to subscribe the service after typing emailed on their website and emailed id verification via link on mail. Once the verification process will get complete then subscriber can download the copy of study material.

Landing page plays vital role in website to collect the information from the customer, market and visitors as they are going to be live customer and user of the website.

What is Thank You Page

It is a page in website where customer get automated response from website after filling detail in landing page. Thank you, page play vital role, to create positive image in the mind of customer. Thank you, page is site page, that someone is redirected after filling out a form on your landing page.

Website is a marketing investment of any business as you do with other business, website is successful when it provides a steady flow of new customer to your business every month.

Most of the online small business acquire sales lead via web form that visitors fill out right on their website. Form are the best solution for getting information from your online customer or visitors because they feel it easy and convenient to use it. When you want to allow your customer to reach out to you and request something from you then you really make this process very easy.

Once your visitors fill out the form in your website then they submit the form. They will get a default reply of a simple confirmation massage from website. This simple confirmation massage really does not make positive effect on customers mind. It looks like simply walking out from room without any happiness and loosing the interest of customer about our website and product.

We have to take advantage of this great opportunity and make then to engage in website by changing simple confirmation massage to Thank you SMS to Thank you page.

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There are three reasons to keep Thank you page instead of simple confirmation massage.

1. Tracking marketing result:

If you use web marketing tool like google analytics then you can keep track you record of your website with help of thank you page(Record the completion of your form) but when you have only confirmation massage on your website then you may be not able to track your record properly like how many person have visited website and how many have filled the form.

Don’t end the process once customer visit the website after submitting the form. The customer who has submitted the form are the best visitors of your website. If you have only confirmation message your customer feels standard process after submitting the form. So, take advantage of this opportunity and guide your visitors to read more information which you want them read in your website.

You can redirect them via link after thank you page inside your website to read your Testimonial, Case study or even detailed product pricing or give them opportunity to sign up for you email newsletter so your business will remain top of your customers mind.

If they don’t buy today, you can at least keep in touch with them via call or E-mail so that they may buy later.

2. Provide personal experience:

What’s a benefit with personal experience? A simple confirmation thank you massage or the opportunity to build a real connection between your business and your website visitors. It is because thank you massage comes from business and thank you pages comes from real person.

When you mention thank you page instead of message, then you get more space to show them your personal experience.

3. Acknowledge your company received the request:

If you had ever filled a form, if yes then getting reply with confirmation message does not give extra ordinary confidence. But when we get dedicated thank you page then we have another level of confidence.

We always think that the customer who filled the form in our website is going to be long-term customer. Because they have raised their hand and became one of the most valued website customers.

We have to keep or send thank you personalized massage instead of simple thank you massage. Once they will receive personalizes massage then they will feel appreciated and they will prepare then self to begin working with your business.

what is thank you page

If you have any doubt, then you can comment in the below section. Feel free to ask, we will reply as soon as we can.

Stick with us. We will be uploading from the Basics to advance of Digital marketing.

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