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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing


What is Digital Marketing?

In Simple terms, it is a form of marketing which exists online and if it is offline it is traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Definition

According to Hubspot Digital marketing is defined by the use of numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend much of their time online.

It is referred to all marketing efforts that use the electronic medium in order to reach the people.

Overall Internet Users in the World for June 2018

World Data-Internetworldstats.com

This is the worldwide Data of Internet users according to InternetworldStats.com as per June 2018

Here a Digital Marketing plays an important role for business as in the current scenario, because there are a larger group of Internet users.

Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing:
  • It is a form of Advertising or Marketing which uses Print Media, Direct mail, Broadcasts, and Telephone to reach Customers.
  • It is the Oldest Form of Marketing, which uses predefined strategies to Reach Customers.
  • The Cost of Marketing is very high compared to Online Marketing
  • There is no proper way to measure the insights, and we cannot analyze the Customer Reach.
  • We cannot predict the future of our business as we don’t have enough insights data, of audience reach.
Digital Marketing:
  • It is a form of Marketing which uses the internet as a medium to reach the Larger group of audience.
  • It is a modern form of Marketing, which uses new trends and strategies to reach customers
  • The cost of Marketing is comparatively low as with Traditional Form of Marketing.
  • There are many ways to measure the insights, which helps us analyze customer behavior
  • As we have Enough data, it is helpful for us to analyze the audience and make changes.
  • According to customer behavior online which ultimately help us to predict the future our business

Digital Marketing Strategies and DM Channels used to connect with the customers

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 

Refers to the online marketing which improves the website visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) by the help of Paid advertisements.

SEM is about PPC, also includes SEO, helps PPC to get enhanced by rewriting the content and improve page ranking.

In simple words, It is all about increasing website visibility on search engine with the help of free or paid digital marketing strategies.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

A Process involved optimizing the website to rank higher in the search engine results pages.

Which ultimately help in increasing the Free Website traffic (Organic Traffic).

  • Social Media Marketing:

It includes the process of promoting brands using different social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora.

But Every social media has different tactics which need to be followed before using for the business purpose.

  • Content Marketing:

It is a process of creating awareness and Improving Website growth by means of Blog posts, E-book, Info-graphics etc

It is one of the core strategies of Digital Marketing as content marketing work as assets for any business.

  • Pay Per Click(PPC):

It is the method of driving the traffic to the website by using PPC(Cost Per Click) or AdWords.

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Google AdWords is the most common PPC which allows you to pay for top slots in google search Engine.

Other channels where PPC can be used is Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets, Quora ads, promotion based on topics, and Linked in Sponsored Messages.

  • Email Marketing:

It is a form of reaching the potential users by sending an email regarding Discounts, Offers, and Events which Drives the values the customers.

It includes blog subscription newsletters, Follow-up email to the website visitors who have downloaded some E-book, Holiday Promotion to the Subscribers.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

It refers to the Process of Earning based on promoting others (Company) Product/Services, usually works on Commission Basis.

When the user clicks on the given link and purchases the product/services with the referral code, usually affiliate Marketer earns rewards as referral benefits.

  • SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing is a form of marketing which uses Short Messaging Services as in order to reach the Customers.

It becomes very easy for companies to send SMS to registered customers about deals and offers right to their inbox.

It has high open ratio compare to Email Marketing.


I Hope you got an idea about the basics of digital marketing. This is just an introduction and you will get to know how important is digital marketing in the current business scenario.

Therefore a large group of internet users and gradually increasing in numbers day by day.

And thus in the coming days, I am going to discuss the Digital Marketing Process and its Importance.

Let me know about your feedback on this post in a comment section and don’t forget to share with your network.

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