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Increase Brand Visibility Online

How to increase brand visibility online?

If you are having a small or big business it should be online; creating or building brand visibility is important. People would remember the impression created by brands keeps them active in the mind of the customer.

You should Build your brand visibility online to reach more audience. There are many ways to reach your Brand to an audience online.

Once your Brand Visibility Increases, there will be a high chance of an increase in Visitors Engagement. This Engagement is a factor which will help your page to rank in google


  • What is the meaning of visibility?
  • How to increase the online visibility of your product or service with proper examples.

What is visibility?

Visibility is any type of product or services to reach more people.

The more visibility you have your brand so that the more chances you have to bring a new customer to your product or services.

They are getting awareness of the product or services what you are providing to them.

9 Ways to increase online visibility 

There are 9 ways to increase your brand visibility to people.

1.  Social Media Marketing

Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ these are the tools used to promote your brands online.

Nowadays, everyone using social media it is easy to promote. You need to engage with social media to manage your online business. You can do promote your brands for free or paid.

Facebook has 1.49 billion daily active users and 2.27 billion monthly active users according to the company’s third quarter 2018 earnings report.

Social media platform helps to increase online visibility.

Ways to increase online visibility

For Example, You should have active on social media, posting the post like offers, discounts, related to the product or services to reach new customers and existing customers.

2.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO will help to increase brand visibility of the website in search engine results pages and getting higher positions in the search engine.

Understanding how search engine algorithms works and you should think about what people might search.

Designing and developing the website to increase rank in search engine.

For Example: Let’s say you have started an online business called Electronic Store and you want to increase sales of mobile phones. Customers tend to search in Google Search Engine mobile phone so you have to use the keyword mobile phone.

3.  SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM will help to increase brand visibility of the website in search engine results pages for paid advertising.

For Example, Pay Per Click, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

4.  Pay Per Click Advertising

This is the method to increase the visibility of product or service online by paid advertising every time your ad clicked.

People are searching related to your product or services in Google Search Engine and it should show to them.

For Example Ads, Facebook Ad.

5.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the earning by commission bases to promote product or service online.

When the customer clicks on the link and purchases the product then affiliate marketer will get a commission.

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For Example, Amazon is providing affiliate marketing and affiliate marketer will get rights to promote their product or service.

Affiliate marketer will do promote their product or service to different social media and visibility of the brand will increases.

6.  Email Marketing

To promote your product or service over the E-mail because nowadays everyone using E-mails and in E-mail, you can give offers, discount and sends to the customer.

You should analysis customer requirement. As per the requirement, you would send the mail.

There are tools like GetResponse and Mailchimp tracking each and every action of the customers. You will get know that customer Interested or Not Interested.

7.  Content Marketing

To improve the visibility of product or service content is important to create awareness and sharing the relevant, valuable content to a group of the audience into the customers.

Good content helps the customer to understand the product or services.

For Example:  You know Coca-Cola is best brand in the world.

8.  Video Marketing

Video will also improve your  visibility of a brand in the search engine and video content has been one of the most online traffic now a days.

Content of video should be good and it should be interesting, entertaining and ideally, It should be interactive and video should also be short.

For SEO purpose upload video on YouTube rather on your own site because

  1. Reduce page load times.
  2. As per the study by Wistia found that more than 90% of video thumbnails displayed in Google search.
  3. YouTube itself as a search engine.

YouTube is the second largest having the audience in the world which means it gives a huge potential audience.

Video content can’t be read by the search engine algorithms and you can still utilize your existing keyword. when it comes naming video, providing description and tags for them.

If you are uploading a video on YouTube it is important to include your website links, so your viewers can be redirected to your website.

Viewer will also find the video by searching in YouTube or through shares in social media.

 9.  Customer Reviews

Users review will help to increase the visibility of product or service online and the audience gets influenced by testimonials and online review. Clients feedback would help to improve our product or services in the better way.

For Example: Customer is planning to buy a mobile phone in Amazon and  they will check the review of the product and ratings given by the existing customer.

I Hope you have understood “how to increase the online visibility for your brand”.

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