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How to make a Website live

Want to know how to bring your Website live?

This is the right spot! To make a website live, we should have a Domain and Hosting server. As you have already gone through what is domain name, web hosting and its types. You might be thinking how to buy and set up a Domain Name, web hosting and to make the website live.

I will be telling everything with the help of screenshots so that you will get better clarity about it.

Now let’s look at how we can register a Domain name.

How to Buy a Domain Name

Before registering a Domain name, you should find a Suitable name for your website.

  • If you are creating a website for personal blogging, then keep your name as the domain name. So that you can brand your name itself. Example: Neilpatel.com
  • If the website is for your company, then keep the companies name. Example: Amazon
  • You can also choose a name which will explain what you are into. Example: Bikedekho, Tamil Thoughts

After getting an attractive name, don’t fix the name yet. Check if the domain name is available to purchase. You can check it in whois.com. If it is already purchased by someone then Check for different TLD’s available or if you are fine with the different TLD, then go ahead.

Not fine? then I guess you should buy the domain name from the owner. And it is a bit difficult and costly because the owner won’t sell it easily if their website is live.

After this, buy the domain name.

I will show the procedure of how to purchase a domain name.

(You can go for any Domain Name Registrars because I am not an affiliate for any Registrars. I will show you how it can be done through GoDaddy)

  1. Go to GoDaddy Website

Search for GoDaddy in the Google Search engine and you will see their website.

  1. Search for the Domain Name

While entering the website, you will see a search bar. Enter the name which you want to purchase.

how to buy a Domain Name

  1. Domain names with different TLD’s

Now you will get a list of domain names with different TLD’s such as akdigihub.in, akdigihub.net, akdigihub.org etc. You can choose any TLD which is best for you. But I prefer .com TLD as it helps in some ways.

how to buy a Domain Name 2

how to buy a Domain Name 3

  1. Payment

You should be logged into Godaddy account to do the payment. Once you log in you will be able to do payment. And you will be able to manage your domain names with the same account.

  1. Manage your domain names

Once you have downloaded the Domain names you can manage the domain names from the account. Managing in the sense, you can set up your DNS records, add a website to domain name and can add email.

how to buy a Domain Name 4

(Note: DNS records can be set only when you purchase a hosting)

Now let’s see how to set up a Web hosting for your website.

As we have already spoken clearly about web hosting, I am not going into it deeply.

In simple words, Web hosting is nothing but a server where you will get a storage space for your website data and files. Based on the server location the website will load to the users. If the server is near to the user then the webpage might load faster and if it is far it might take time to load.

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Purchasing and Setting up of web hosting is not a big deal.

Here, I will show you how to host a website with a managed WordPress host- WP Engine. ( This is if you are going to bring your website live with WordPress, then WordPress Hosting – WP Engine is the best and simplest way to host your website)

How to Purchase and Set up a hosting

  1. WP Engine is a bit costly, but it is worthy of the money. Firsts go to WP engine website or search for an affiliate link where you will get a discount. And then choose a suitable plan as per requirements.how to set up a Web hosting 1
  2. If you don’t get an affiliate link then search for a discount coupon and add it.

Purchasing of Web Hosting 2

  1. Fill the details and pay: your hosting is ready.

Now you have a Domain name and a Web host. Now to bring the website live you should set the DNS records.

3 things to do to make a website live

(I will show you how to bring the website live with the help of WordPress, Because i will be using wordpress for my website)

  1. To point a domain name to web hosting which is purchased
  2. Informing Web host that it’s your domain name
  3. To tell WordPress that you are using that Domain

1.      To point a domain name to web hosting which is purchased

The first thing which you should do to bring the website live is to point your domain name to WP Engine.

To point it out you should log in to Godaddy and go to DNS on the domain name which you are going to point.

How to make a Website live 1

Then you should add the IP address to the Row ‘Type A’ under ‘Value’. Let the name be ‘@’ and TTL can be the least, if it is 600 seconds then the Domain will take 10 minutes to set up up the DNS.

To get the IP address, Open WordPress panel> WP Engine> General Settings

How to make a Website live 2

Or login to WP engine and go to Sites> Site name> Overview> IP address

How to make a Website live 3

2.      Informing Web host that it’s your domain name

The next thing to bring the website to live, you should tell WP engine that the domain name which is pointed to it, is yours.

How to tell?

login to WP engine> go to Sites> Site name> Domain> Add Domains> then Set as Primary

If there is a sitename.wpengine.com domain added already, then you can redirect it to the primary domain.

How to make a Website live 4

So WP engine got to know that the pointed website is yours.

3.      To tell WordPress that you are using that Domain

Now you should tell WordPress that, you are using that domain.

So that WordPress will show the website live.

For this, you should go to WordPress panel> Settings> General> WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL (Should change the existing domain to your Domain)

How to make a Website live 5

Now Your Website is all ready to be live!

The website is ready. But don’t you want to Design the Website, pages and blogs with wordpress?

I will help you with that in the upcoming article.

If you have any doubt, then you can comment in the below section. Feel free to ask, we will reply as soon as we can.

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Stick with us. We will be uploading from the Basics to advance of Digital marketing.

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