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How the Internet Works

Understand the Internet

The Internet has become the necessity for people and now business went online through internet.

where every business owners concentrate on Digital Marketing and making it is as a priority.

so before making it online, you should understand the internet.

You have been using the internet to connect with people through Facebook, sending emails through Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo, etc.

We know the usage of the internet has growing day-by-day so the business should consider Digital Marketing.

Do you know what is the Internet? And who Owns it?

Some people say the Internet is a cloud, wave, most of us are unaware of what actually it is.

In Early 1970s Robert E Kahn and Vint Cerf works on design today what we call the Internet.

It is result of an experiment ARPANET(Advance Research Project Agency Network, a defense Department Research Project.

A person named PaulBaren was working on building a communication network which can survive a nuclear attack.

So, he had an idea of breaking the information into the blocks (packet switching) and sending them through integrated network.

Eventually, the internet came into Existence.

The Internet is a hardware and protocol that used to have an interconnected system of networks.

It is just like a postal service, internet transfers binary information.

The internet is an open and public system. We all send and receive information through wires and connections.

But here the internet transfer the binary information in form of bits.

A bit can simply describe as any pair of opposites like ‘Yes’ or ‘NO’, ‘ON or OFF’.

Typically uses 1 is on and zero is off for simple understanding.

Because the bit has two possible states called binary code.

bits calculation
Bits Calculation

verthing on the Internet is sending/receiving as bits whether it is an image, audio or a video.

Does Anyone Control Internet?

There Internet operates with an independent network with fully distributed systems.

The advantage of the internet is that any device can connect with any other device.

It’s like you connect a phone with any other cellphone around the globe.

How the Internet Works?

how the Internet works

How the Internet Works?

The Internet is a wire, showing the black straight line in the image,

which might be fiber optic, copper but the internet is just a wire.
That is IP Address just like a postal address.

IP Address

Ip Address helps the computer to find each other like 124.55.55 is hard to remember,

so we also give a name as myntra.com or akdigihub.com.

The computer we use in our home is not a server coz it’s not directly connect with the Internet. Because the computer we use in our daily life is a client computer.

As they connected indirectly to the Internet, we connect to the internet through an Internet Service Provider.

Suppose I’m using a laptop and connecting to BSNL net as Internet Service provider and I want to access the AkDigiHub.

When the user input the information it breaks into small pieces called packets passing to the internet,

And the servers access the files of the AkDigiHub, with the Internet protocol (IP) and,

FTP(File Transfer Protocol and HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

when it reaches the destination information get re-assembled and I can able to see the AkDigihub webpage on my laptop.

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Obviously, this process takes place within some second, as we expect a little bit faster than one bit per second,

with the increase in Bandwidth, the maximum transmission capacity of a device.

Bandwidth is measured with bit rate, the number of bits sends over with a given period of time.

A Different measure of speed is latency or the amount of time it takes for one bit to travel from one place to another from the source to requesting device.

So how the internet works across the globe?

We know a thing which moves lots faster than electricity through a wire.

A light we can actually send bits as a light beam from one place to another using a Fiber Optic Cable.

Fiber is really hard to work with and bit costly, for the most purpose we use copper cables.

The Question here is, how we can be able send things without wires?

That’s how radio waves came into a picture, wireless bit sending machines uses a radio signal to send bit one place to another.

The machines have translated all ones and zeros into radio waves of different frequencies,

and the receiver machine re-construct the whole process and send back to the computer in binary codes.

Wire-less made our internet mobile but radio doesn’t travel all that far distance,

Before, it gets distorted because you cannot pick up a Mumbai radio station in Bangalore.

Everything connected directly or indirectly has an IP Addresses, which includes cell Phones, computers, and any other devices, between the Internet, there is a routers.

The job of the routers is to direct the packets around the internet and helping each Packet get one step closer to its destination.

Suppose you are in Starbucks using Wifi and here bits get sent to the wireless router and then transferred to physical wire in the long distance of the internet.

The physical method of sending the bits may change in future but sending and receiving the information using binary code will remain pretty much similar.

As good as wireless today it completely depends on wired internet.

Difference between Internet and Web

Well many of us confused about the internet and web thinks both are same, I used to think they are same. Are they really same?

The Internet is a network of computers interconnected with each other communicating some kind of information.

A web is a collection of web pages that may have text, images videos on them. It is a subset of internet traffic.

To understand it better you think of the highway where you have a lot of traffic within like there are many types of vehicles like bus, trucks, Motorbikes etc.

Likewise, it is a path between computers and internet network, the moving vehicle is a packet of information which information transferred from the device to the internet in binary code and reversing it back to original form.

The bus here represents an analog to the web traffic, the trucks represent the email traffic and motorbike represents the media traffic.

The Internet is a network of networks communicating with each other and the web is a subset of internet using the hypertext transfer protocol(HTTP) to navigate around the different websites.

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Hope you understood the internet and how it works and what is the difference between the internet and the web.

In the coming days I will be discussing about Website planning and Creation and what things to consider when you are buying the domain.

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