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How Growth Hacking can be useful for a political campaign

How Growth Hacking can be useful for a political campaign

You are aware of the concept of “growth hacking,” which involves a variety of techniques to improve your company’s parameters.

primarily through small product/service improvements.

In India, there are many Startup companies who have leveraged growth hacking techniques to become the fastest growing company with the stipulated time frame.

Growth Hacking is similar to marketing because it aims to grow the customer base without major product and service changes,

but the approach is different.

This is the way I like to think about it a growth hacker is an engineer who optimizes a business.

I will be discussing every concept of growth hacking in the upcoming days.

For now, as election season let us have a look at how growth hacking useful for political parties.

As you all are aware as everyone has access to the internet and the large part of the population belongs to the younger generation.

Things have literally changed in the political landscape with the advent of technology.

and the use of technology and a lot of that seen in the previous election campaign by BJP using social media Strategy.

The BJP gave more focus on using technology compare to other parties during the 2014 General Election which led BJP Come into power.

I’m going to throw some of the secrets and some of the ways able to dominate this election.

and you can take these techniques and use them no matter what party affiliation you have.

What message you have, there are certain principles in running a successful campaign.


Push to registration on the internet

Any growth hacking strategy starts with a good website homepage.

When you do not really know the size of your market, try to calculate it by measuring the attractiveness of your concept.

Understand the market mainly considering Demographic, Age Group, Gender, and psychographic factors.

To achieve this, it is not so much the number of clicks on your page that interests you,

but how many people are ready to subscribe to your service.

Deploy a free and paid offer

In terms of growth hacking, it is not enough to acquire new contacts, it is important to convert them into users.

You can apply this by presenting the content of the freemium type.

There is the possibility to register for free or to join and pay a contribution.

The free side content is the program, the biography, the values and the content of the blog.

Pay-side content is the promise of having the opportunity to participate in the life of the movement and the tools of participation.

The site creates a “carrot” that will encourage conversion to membership in the movement.

Organize the media buzz

When your marketing budget is reduced, it’s as easy to put the effort through other structures. This can be organized by hiring more large-scale media operations or by finding press opportunities that will cause friction with existing actors.

The BJP has cleverly taken advantage of the chronic need of the media to make shocking articles that will boost sales.  The party had dedicated TV channel on the internet which showcases the party ideology glorifying past, live streaming campaigns, and rallies.

you can find the detailed article on social samosa

Massively capture email addresses

Access to the content of the Parties website, it is possible only once the registration on the site. And it requires a valid email address.

Like for example any sign-up process on any website which requires a username, email.

and sometimes phone to complete registration process later data useful for future communication.

This is a good way to secure for the future capacity for direct dialogue with its potential voters.

But this goes further since the inscription can be done also via Facebook .multiplier effect guaranteed.

Building Referral and recruitment

There are many sites that encourage you to invite a loved one. Referral marketing

PhonePe the best example using the referral program, and encouraging its members to recruit others with the promise of a coupon from the first purchase of godchildren.

Even if any political party does this approach, there is the feature “I invite a loved one” who will take control of your messaging tool and you propose an email containing an action-oriented title Discover political parties to put back in motion and the site URL.

This is completed by the traditional call to share and make known on the main social networks (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) through icons on the foot of pages.


I hope you got an idea about “How Growth Hacking can be useful for a political campaign”.

well, these are


If you have any suggestion over this topic do let us know in the comment below


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