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Learn How to Convert Website traffic into leads


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  • Strategies to convert the traffic into actionable leads
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Converting traffic into Lead

Many Business Today think of Convert website traffic into leads as one of the major objectives in their business goals.

And somewhat it is necessary to generate more traffic to the website for improving the conversion ratio.

But in the current scenario, it’s easier to drive traffic with Online Marketing efforts.

By using Google, a Facebook and Other alternative measures to bring users to the website.

To do that there are various things to be considered because nothing comes easy and nothing is impossible.

Strategies to Convert the traffic into actionable leads

conversion Strategies AK Digihub

Newsletter Sign up

Sending newsletter from the website will automatically notify the subscribers with the latest posts, products/services updates directly to their email.

The newsletter will help in building the list of visitors who have shown some kind of interest on your content.

There are many plugins available which will help to build the list.

You can consider the newsletter plugin by Stefano Lissa or you can test with the other option as well.

Webinars/Podcasts/Embedded Videos

The webinar is the live meeting over the internet, it can be a demonstration, Presentation.

it can be a workshop on product/service related queries.

Podcasts are a form of audio format related to the series of live sessions.

where subscribers can actually listen to audio about product/services demonstration.

A Video Representation of the live sessions embedded in the website and blog to give the clear idea about the product/service.

Using the above strategy can actually improve engagement ratio which ultimately helps in conversions.

Exit Pop-up

Exit pop up is something like a message which appears when the user tries to navigate from a website.

Suppose an E-commerce website visitor looking for a product but doesn’t satisfy with a price.

Then try to navigate to other websites then it is important to show attention-grabbing popup in the text in window format some kind of offer.

exclusive deals

One Dollar Trial

One-dollar trial or 30 days free trial, this is something which has been drastically followed by manyBusiness online.

Because it is somehow this can make easier to improve the conversion, because one can actually get to know about the visitor and convert it into leads.

Many Service providing companies follows 30 days free trial where they can convert a visitor into the lead and then into the customers.

Everything is trial and Error method but if you looking to improve conversion rate one you can consider this in your strategy.

The Best example for one Dollar trial is Dollar Shave club

Dollar Shave Club razor

Count-Down Sale

This is something which creates the urgency and gets to know the visitors when offer is going to an end.

If you leverage the count down clock on your website you can improve the sales.

The best example you can use count-down clock is seasonal offers like this the Christmas and new year offers.

Many Business online will make it use this strategy to boosts sales.

Take an example of Flipkart an E-Commerce website which used the Countdown sales strategy on different Products to boosts sales.

Flipkart Count down sales
Flipkart Count down sales

Re-marketing and Re-targeting

Re-marketing is a form of marketing to reach potential customers via email which involves cross-selling to the customers.

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Re-targeting refers to as a form of marketing based on users on your website with ads placements. It involves reaching the visitor with a different method like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads.

Remarketing and Re-targeting is a pretty much similar approach but there is some difference which is classified them to different terms.

Understanding the Conversion Process

Ak Digihub Conversion Process
Ak Digihub Conversion Process

Website Visitors

In this step, the website gets the visitors from the different source, and visitors browse through the site or blog which they actually looking for.

Here if you are having a blog there is a need to have a good piece of content which entice/attract the visitor to stay on the website and go throughout the pages.

Call to Action

When the visitor gets satisfied with the piece of content on your website/blog.

And when they see something attractive, they will click on.

Usually, if are having a blog, let say a travel blog where you share all your travel experience as a nomad.

Most of the reader who is interesting in travel will visit the blog and go scan throughout the blog.

if you have given some highlighted title which creates some kind of interest, then they will click it to read the further article.

Suppose you have an E-commerce website and you are getting some kind of traffic. let say in a day you are getting 1000 visitors. It is not necessary that 1000 visitor will purchase the product from you.

If they find something which they are looking for and match up with the budget then end up buying the product. Then they click on the buy or add to cart option.


Once the visitor on the website and it gives the call-to-action, then may proceed further on buying.

Then they filled the required detail in the lead form (Name, Address, Email, PhoneEtc.) then next-step would be a payment.

Sales Page

In this Step, the User will go for payment fill all details and make payment via payment gateway link.


Once he/she purchased the product/services it is now the company’s responsibility in retaining the customer.

And there are many ways to do that particular as I spoke earlier about something about customer-delight that under promise and over deliver.

This is the conversion process which can be analyzed in most of the online business and there may be a slight difference in the approach for blogs, Website which offers product or services.


As I said in the earlier topic about the digital marketing process that is attracting the visitor, Engage with leads, conversion and Inspire which has been useful for website traffic into leads.

In the coming days, I will be discussing the about creating the conversion funnel using the google analytics tool.

where we will talk about setting the goals and we will go through about funnel visualization.

share your feedback in the comment section and do share it forward with your network.

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