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Concept of PPC Advertising with Google AdWords (1)

Today I’m going to discuss the concept of PPC Advertising with the Google AdWords and how Google AdWords Work?

There are many people who are not familiar with a different kind of PPC Advertising

When you think paid ads you know about the Google Ads, as it is dominating Paid Advertising.

let us have a look at how many kinds of Paid Advertising you can do online.

There many types of PPC Advertising platform.

Mainly Google AdWords, BingAds, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ad Manager, LinkedIn Ads, AdRoll, Amazon Advertising, and so on.

Pay Per Click is a paid method of Online Advertising, here you can pay for the visits to your website.

In PPC, you bid for the placement of your ad and based on its rank.

And your ad appears in the Search Engine.

PPC uses search engines to enhance the traffic to your website to gain new customers.

Probably a Paid Search results, it is exactly opposite to the Organic Search result.

You can choose any of the platforms for Pay Per Click Advertising.

Understanding Inorganic Search Results

Search Engine Advertising or Search Engine Marketing is one of the most famous methods of paid search advertising which gives inorganic search results. It Allows Advertiser to bid for ad placement to a specific keyword which is related to their business offering. The inorganic search results are shown as a sponsored link.


You Able to see the Paid Search Advertising about first two results which clearly display the Ad sign allow with the URL and Right side of your screen can different kind of results for laptops which shows sponsored sign.

Other search results which are showed with the only URL is organic search results with the help SEO.

I’m going to discuss today specifically about Paid Advertising in terms of Search Engine Advertising and major players are Google, Bing, and Yahoo

As you may be familiar with the same, each of these search engines has got their own platforms, like with google you have Google AdWords, Bing has Bing ads and Yahoo has Oath ad Platform.

As you know Google AdWords is predominant platform having a large number of market share compared to another platform, I’m going discuss in terms of Google AdWords.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an Online Advertising platform developed by Google which shows an advert on the Google Search Engine.

There are more than 6 billion search queries across the globe on the Search Engines and Google has accounted for 78% of the market share of total search volume when compare it to other search engines.

Google Ads is dominating the market. So, I am going to discuss specifically Google Ads and in coming days we will have a look on other platforms as well.

searches on google

You can know it in great details Internet Live Stas

How Google AdWords Work?

Ads can appear on different places across the web, to whom you want to target your ads, to whom you want to show them and Based on different types of ads you create.

To get the Idea on how Google AdWords work lets get started with the important aspects of the AdWords.

understanding google account structure


You can use words or phrases which describes your product or services to define your target ads.

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Keywords define your content or topics on the search engine results.

When somebody searches for a term which is similar to your keywords your ads can appear with the other Organic search results on the sites which are part of Search Network.

Keywords itself is a major topic, in the coming days I will be discussing keywords and it types in great detail.

Now, let’s concentrated on Adverts and how keywords play a vital role in the working of Google AdWords.

Keywords help you to determine how much you pay for an ad. Every keyword of yours has the maximum Cost Per Click(CPC) bid amount, which means the maximum amount you are willing to pay when somebody clicks on your Ad.

Search Ads Format

Ads Appear on text format on the search results with the following details that headline text, description, and URL.

Let’s have a look at different types of Search Ads Format.

Text Ads

Name itself says text ads, this is the simplest form of ads appears on the search engine. Text Ads include headline text, Description, and the URL which shows the address of your website.

To Create the text ads, Go to Campaign and click on new campaign You need to specify the Goals, when you have goal specified you will get different campaign setting helping you achieve that goal.

  • For Search Ads Format Goals could be of
  • Draw the attention
  • Filter out the users who may not be your target market.
  • Inform users about the landing page
  • Gets Click to drive the relevant traffic to your website.

Select the Campaign Type

campaign type

Once you are did with selecting the search campaign type give your business website the display URL which users intent to click on visit your landing for detailed information.

Select the campaign settings which includes campaign name and networks, here you can able to see both the search network and Display as your major goal search network that ads can appear on the google search results.

Give your locations and set of audience you want a target and set the budget in a day you want to spend and choose the delivery method you can go ahead select either standard or accelerated method as per your need.

If you choose standard you can spend your budget evenly over a day. And If you choose accelerated method your budget may get spend very quickly. In the Accelerated method, Google will try to show your ads to many users as possible.

Now you can set the bidding as you want, you can choose the metrics to focus on for your campaign and choose the bidding option whether it is for conversion, Clicks and Conversion value.

campaign type

You can go ahead and create your text ad campaign. In an Ad Campaign, these are components which you need to give that is headline, Description and a display URL as I said Earlier.

“Headline is very important because it is the first thing which user see when you write headline always includes some relevant keywords and try it to be catchy”.

Ads with Extensions

Ads with Extensions displays information about your business-like phone number, locations or Links which gives other pieces of relevant content.

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Ad Extension is additional information to the advertisement, it is very important to choose the appropriate ad extensions based on the Ads goals.

Types of Ad Extensions

  • Site Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • Structured Snippet Extension
  • Call Extension
  • Message Extension
  • Location Extension
  • Affiliate Location Extension
  • APP Extension
  • Review Extension
  • Promotion Extension
  • Price Extension

The Most common Ad Extensions are

  • Site Link Extensions: which lets you add additional text to your ad.
  • Call Extension: let us Click on the Call the button and use the dialer.
  • Location Extension: Let user map your business using the direction

Display Ads Format

The Display Ads format is which displays the ads on non-search sites and apps.

Ads can appear on the different blogs may be travel blogs, news websites or any other websites. Display ads also can appear on YouTube as well as Gmail.

The Display Ads helps advertisers create awareness for the brand with getting more impressions by showcasing the brand to the target market and focus on a direct response for sale-based approaches, particularly with Remarketing.

Display network

Let say Jawhar a marketing consultant at Arishna Digital is developing marketing plans for “Eleven” an apparel store to reach customers on Google Display Network.

Here’s how he can do it.

  • Add Relevant keywords about clothing related to Men’s, Women’s and Children.
  • Identify the Fashions Blogs which caters with the latest fashions and ads these sites as a placement for ads where he wants ads to show up these blogs.

Display ads can be shown depending upon the targeting option you have chosen on your ad campaign.

display campaign

You go ahead and choose campaign type as a display which runs with different kind of ads across the web.

Like as you do it for the Search network similarly you can choose the audience you want to target with interests.

And as well you can select the location you want to show your ads.

And you can add the placement where your ads can appear on a website like I said above for fashion blogs work as a placement for the apparel store.

Example of Display Campaign-Gmail Campaign where customers who have enquired for the services but for somehow they didn’t end up with purchasing the service. Here you can target the people by showing your ads using Gmail to as a placement for your ad.

Display campaign set up

display campaign setting up

display campaign setting up 1


I hope you understood the concept of PPC Advertising and how Google AdWords works.

You go ahead and create a campaign for your business with a different type of campaign type.

In the Coming days, I will be discussing the AdWords Algorithm Ad Rank in details with examples. If you have any queries regarding the article comment below or email us.


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