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AK DigiHub is the blog that gives you the latest digital marketing updates.

Ak Digihub is an online platform designed to help independent professionals, freelancers and business people create an outstanding digital marketing perspective.

 It’s a place where we share our experience, knowledge and interest in digital marketing.

Today, digital marketing facilitates marketing management and knowledge of user behavior. It helps marketers understand multi-channel (search, display, mobile) campaigns on a single interface and increase their effectiveness.

Automation is used by marketing professionals around the world using the proprietary Engagement Scoring Algorithm method, which evaluates the value of the user in the process and provides content relevant to their interests, needs and involvement during conversions

That’s why we have a team of digital marketing professionals who share a deep vision, understand the latest trends in online marketing, and help businesspeople develop new strategies and achieve great success.

Ak Digihub is a part of Arishna Digital Communication Pvt. Ltd is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions that has revolutionized online marketing technology, a platform for analyzing and managing all online advertising channels in one place.


Arishna Digital Communication Pvt., is a sister company of KAP Computer Solutions Pvt.  [KAPSYSTEM] was founded in 2009 in the telecommunications sector, where the main activities are bulk messaging services (Short Messaging Service).

 The business began with the vision of becoming the best SMS service provider in Bangalore. Now stand among the best SMS Mass Service Provider in India.

After taking a decisive step in mass text messaging services, in 2017 we took a big step towards making phone calls.

 We’ve analyzed the fact that customers can more effectively benefit from phone conversations so they can communicate in real time and explain the benefits.

Very detailed products, services, offers and discounts, as well as the courier service directly in your inbox.

With this call center KAP Pvt. Ltd. [The Best Call Center] was born (Together Called KAP Enterprises).

With the introduction of New Trend in the industry, KAP Enterprise has entered the digital age of digital marketing solutions, where selling products / services is a difficult task per se that can stay on the market.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best digital marketing solutions and create business opportunities.

Stepping Stone

A graduate of MCA,from Trichy, Tamilnadu arrived in Bangalore and started working as a teacher / instructor for 3,000 / – INR.

In the beginning, life was difficult for all of us, but all is sacrifice, hard work and courage to face all challenges and reach the highest peaks.

“We all have our own goals, our own destiny, our own ways and our own desires.

In order to have a real success in life, you must do your job and be prepared to sacrifice all that is required. “His father’s words were engraved in his head.

Ananth Prasath’s career as a technician began with a Bangalore at IBM India, where he later joined IBM Australia.

His ambitions took wings when he joined Mobily Info Tech (Etisalat), the world’s second largest mobile service provider.

At the next station he came to Fujitsu (Infinite Data Systems) and worked for Fujitsu Denmark.

In 2009, KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. ltd.;

Started with constant effort, brick-and-brick sales and the development of support, the backbone of KAP Enterprises, has quickly become one of the leading SMS service providers in India.

As a hands-on experience in telecommunications and market capture, he finds that it has more to offer than just bulk text messaging.

Through in-depth analysis and support from other directors, Krishna Priya and Jaitin Singh entered the new business industry and established KAP Call Center Pvt Ltd.

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