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AK Digi Hub(Arishna Digital Communication Pvt. Ltd) is the blog where you get Latest updates related to Digital Marketing. Inspired to Work and give the best possible solutions.

Arishna Digital Communication Pvt. Ltd. is a sister concern of KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd. [KAPSYSTEM] started back in 2009 in the field of Telecommunication Industry where major field of business is in Bulk SMS Services (Short Messaging Service), started company with a vision to become the Best SMS Service Provider Company in Bangalore, now stands among India’s Best Bulk SMS Service Provider Company.

After achieving a great milestone in Bulk SMS Services, In 2017 we took a BIG Step towards Tele-calling where we analyze that the customers could get more efficiently benefited by means of tele-calling speaking to them over the phone in real time and explaining the Products, Services, Offers, and Discounts in great detail along with Messaging right to their inbox. With this KAP Call Center Pvt. Ltd., [Best Call Center] came into Existence (Together Called KAP Enterprises).

With New Trend coming to Industry, KAP Enterprise Entered in the field of Digital Marketing Solutions in this Digital Era where Selling of Product/Services itself is a Challenging Task to sustain in the Market. our Major Goal is to provide the Best Digital Marketing Solutions to Our Customers and Create the Business Opportunities.

Stepping Stone

Ananth Prasath

An MCA graduate from Trichy, Tamilnadu came to Bangalore, started a job as a Faculty/Trainer for 3,000/- INR.
Initially, Life was tough for every one of us but it is all sacrifice, hard work and Courage to cope up with all challenges and Achieve the greater heights.
“We all have our own aspirations, our own destiny, our own paths, and our own desires.
For real success in life, you have to do your own thing and be prepared to sacrifice what it takes to do it”, His father’s words were etched in his mind.
Ananth Prasath professional life as a techie started with a Bangalore, at IBM India where he was later deputed to IBM Australia.
His aspirations took wing when he went on to join the world’s second largest GSM provider Mobily Info Tech (Etisalat), a Middle-East giant.
Next stop, he joined Fujitsu (Infinite Data Systems) and worked for Fujitsu Denmark.

Back in 2009, he started KAP Computer Solutions Pvt Ltd.

with continuous efforts, developing the company brick by brick handling Sales, Support which is the backbone for KAP Enterprises soon turned out to be one of the Leading SMS Service Provider in India.

As hands-on Experience in the field of Telecommunication and capturing the markets soon, he realizes that there is more we can offer rather than only Bulk SMS.

With thorough analysis and backbone support from other Directors, Mrs. Krishna Priya and Mr. Jaitin Singh entered into new vertical of Business and Started KAP Call Center Pvt Ltd.


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