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What is A/B testing?

Testing is the main factor to know which page or procedure brings more traffic to a website. The way of testing is known as A/B testing. The other names are split testing and bucket testing. Here we will be looking into A/B testing and the common mistakes done by others while implementing A/B testing.

The process of testing two Web variations on the elements to find out which performs better. That one will give higher conversion rates.

How to do A/B Testing?

How to do A/B testing

   1. Do Research:

Before doing A/B testing, first do research on your Google Analytics report, surveys and collect data on insight visitor’s behavior on a website. Then after you can identify where you have done mistakes on your funnel.

   2. Hypothesis:

Analyzing the conversion funnel based on your research, build a hypothesis. Your main goal is increasing leads to conversions.

   3. Set a Variation:

You have to identify exactly which one you have to test based your results. Why because you are doing against the existing customer, don’t forget to keep it in your mind when you are doing A/B testing, then after you can expect more conversion rates compare to previous.


         A. Timing:

You must be displaying two variation elements to all website visitors at a time. Then you can understand the result which one is the best.

  B. Traffic: 

The traffic also you can divide equally but the users are different.

(Ex: If your webpage gets 1000 visitors, you can display Banner AD1 500 visitors and Banner AD2 500 visitors)

         C. Time duration:

You can run A/B testing experiment to new designs for a certain period of time. That enables to give accurate results.

   5. Data Analytics:

The A/B testing can show the same result or it can show a different conversion rate.

Common mistakes while A/B testing?

common mistake while A/B testing

Are you wasting your time with A/B testing? Plenty of companies create A/B testing mistakes that value their time and cash which they can’t afford. It is because they don’t know how to run A/B testing in the correct way without these common mistakes.

You’ll discover the A/B testing’s common mistakes that made several businesses to go wrong. You’ll be able to avoid them, and learn how to use A/B testing in business. The right ways will increase your Leads.

Most of the common mistakes in A/B testing listed are:-

   1. A/B testing with the wrong page:

When you are running A/B testing doesn’t select the wrong pages for testing. Your value is time and money they can’t afford, for A/B testing.

If you know the correct way to run a split test. Then choose the best pages for testing that make a difference to conversion.

If you take any Website the user most visited pages are:

1. Home Page

2. Services Page

3. Blog Page

4. Contact Page

Select the best pages for A/B testing that will give your business instead.

   2. Invalid Hypothesis:

The Hypothesis is the main part of A/B testing. If you do with the wrong hypothesis formula it will effect on further steps

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To form a hypothesis, what you need to:

Step 1: Collect data on your website traffic by using analytics tools and check the user’s behavior on your website. That result will tell you whether people are clicking on a call to action button or sing up for a weekly newsletter.

Step 2: Just think once why certain things are happening. If users are visiting on your Landing Page, but no leads. Check once Visitors problem points.

Step 3: Do similar changes on your website by using A/B testing like add new testimonials or change a different version of the call to action or add more content. It may chance to get different conversion rates.

   3. Split Testing too many times:

When running split testing almost all the peoples are trying to test so many elements at once. But it doesn’t work out at once, why because you don’t know which change gives better results.

It’s so important, A/B testing means to change one element on a page and test then after test another variation of the same element.

Multivariate checking is the best way to test on your website redesign. But you can create a lot of combinations for testing then it takes some time for good results again no need to spend more time. Multivariate testing is a workout only for who is getting huge traffic.

   4. Running too many split test at once:

When you running split testing, make it simple. It’s fine to run many splits at once. Test one by one of three different variations of your elements then only you have to get meaningful results.

Don’t run all variations at a time. Why because of only one reason. When you are running more variations at a time the main problem you have to send more traffic to each variation at a time, then only you have to get reliable results. Otherwise, there is no meaning to running too many split tests at once also.

   5. Working with the right traffic:

When you are running split testing. First, you have to maintain good traffic on your website.  Basically, you have to check your campaigns with enough users then only you get the meaningful results.

If you have got a high traffic website, you’ll be ready to complete split tests quickly, due to the constant flow of traffic to your website.

The main important to split on your website traffic to the correct way on both variations, then easy to analyzing both conversion rates.

   6. Testing too early: 

The main common mistake with A/B testing is running too early. If you are running A/B testing better to wait at least one week before you start to test another variation. Otherwise, waste of your time. If you wait one week the analytics data is useful for another variation.

   7. Changing parameters in mid-test:

When you are running split testing doesn’t add or change variations in mid-time. Why because you don’t understand the test result. If you want to change something compulsory, then better to start your test again, the only way to get better results.

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A/B testing is one of the most powerful ways to collect all the information about your Website Re-Design selection process. Find out all the common mistakes which you have done while implementing A/B testing and follow a proper procedure.

There is no limit for A/B testing you can run N number of times. Run up to you will get more conversion rates.

If you have any doubt, then you can comment in the below section. Feel free to ask, we will reply as soon as we can.

Stick with us. We will be uploading from the Basics to advance of Digital marketing.


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